Blaise Mercedes is a rising star in the Buffalo, NY music scene. As a singer-songwriter, on-call vocalist, and bandleader, her new-age fusion of soulful vocals with a funk and Latin influence never fail to connect with the crowd and keep them engaged throughout her performances. Blaise is a mostly self-taught musician who takes vocal inspiration from the raspy soulful aesthetic of Johnny Craig and takes notes on her visual style from Demi Lovato.

Blaise passed the first round of auditions for American Idol in 2018 with an impassioned rendition of Chaka Khan’s classic R&B hit “Ain’t Nobody,” and a virtuosic take on Ariana Grande’s “Jason’s Song”.

She performs regularly as a solo artist signed to Quiet As Kept Records and recently opened for soul/funk band Nth Power — led by Nikki Glaspie, former touring drummer for Beyoncé. In addition to her solo work, Blaise is a vocalist for Buffalo-based Pink Floyd tribute band, Relics.

Blaise Mercedes approaches life and work with a “be kind, take no shit” philosophy. She sings from an honest place, in the moment, while staying true to her intentions of making music that her audience can dance to, cry to, and feel empowered by.

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